vCenter Converter falling short to transform Virtual Server 2005 VM

I'm transforming a MS Virtual Server 2005 SP1 digital equipment to ESXi making use of VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone.

I maintain obtaining FAILED: agent.internal.fault.NfcConnectionFault.summary

The only details in the log is

Error: Failed to duplicate disk 0 on the digital equipment 'name of web server being imported'.

2019-05-19 00:06:21
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NFC mistakes arise from networking concerns. Your ideal strategy is to streamline the networking setting for the objective of your conversion. Referencing VMware KB Article 1004615, below are numerous points to examine and also attempt:

  1. Verify that non of the NICs associated with the conversion have actually been statically set up to be at a various rate or duplex.
  2. Make certain that the NICs and also buttons in the conversion setting have matching rate and also duplex setups.
  3. Connect the resource and also location web servers to various ports on the button
  4. Swap the network wires with well-known excellent ones
  5. Use a crossover wire in between the resource and also location web servers

If that is not an alternative, or if it does not repair this concern, the best workaround is to transform the resource equipment to an organized digital equipment location, such as VMware Workstation. You can after that make use of scp, winscp, etc, to replicate the transformed digital equipment documents to your ESXi web server. You have to make use of vmkfstools -i to import the digital equipment. (source)

2019-05-19 18:32:45