What is the function of procfs?

sysfs makes excellent feeling - - it stands for the system, and also is placed under /dev. procfs, which obtains placed to /proc, is far more ambiguous nonetheless. What are procfs & /proc made use of for?

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/proc is an actual - time api to the kernel. You can set kernel variables, or fetch kernel details. procfs is analogically a documents system simulation to be able to connect with the kernel using the documents system.

Each procedure has its very own directory site under /proc with the procedure id as the name. In this directory site you can locate all sort of details the kernel has for the certain procedure.

Various other directory sites permit to either get kernel data (like /proc/meminfo) or details (like /proc/cpuinfo) or you can set up particular points (like /proc/sys/vm/swappiness permits you to transform just how the kernel will certainly make use of the swap room).

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procfs offers details concerning your running procedures.

As an example:

$ sleep 120 &
[2] 11581
$ ls /proc/11581
$ cat /proc/11581/cmdline
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A little a variant on some solutions.

/proc is a documents - system depiction of the presently running procedures. You do not go anywhere unique, if you can read documents, you can connect with the kernel. procfs is simply the execution of that.

The ideology below is: Use the tiny devices like grep and also close friends to connect with points like procedures vs creating customized devices to connect with procedures.

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Historically (years prior to Linux), /proc preceded, and also had one documents per procedure. Each (pseudo) - documents gave accessibility to the memory of the procedure, as an example, reviewing byte number 0x1234 from the documents offered you the materials of address 0x1234 while doing so is digital memory. This user interface was made use of by commands such as ps (the initial procedure details visitor) and also debuggers.

Succeeding versions of Unix replicated the concept, yet not the information. As an example, on Linux, there is one directory per procedure, having numerous details in a legible kind. As an example /proc/1/cwd is a symbolic link to the existing functioning directory of procedure 1, and also /proc/1/cmdline is a documents having the command line debates.

Due to the fact that it existed, Linux additionally made use of /proc to give system details, such as /proc/cpuinfo having details concerning the CPU (microprocessor) and also /proc/bus/usb/ having details concerning USB tools. The documents of /proc remains in the kernel documents in filesystems/proc.txt.

Later on, /sys (the sysfs filesystem) involved give details concerning the kernel. As an example, there is details concerning USB tools under /sys/bus/usb (in a various layout from /proc/bus/usb), and also details concerning kernel components (along with user interfaces to regulate some components) under /sys/modules.

Keep in mind that /proc/sys is not the very same point as /sys. /proc/sys reveals a details set of runtime - configurable kernel parameters called sysctl parameters.

You will certainly locate extra historic and also existing details about .

ยน or even more specifically, the proc filesystem, which can be placed in various other areas (yet not having it readily available at /proc will certainly damage a great deal of programs).

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