Ubuntu One Eating My Dropbox

I made use of to have a flawlessly excellent functioning DropBox account on my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS computer system. Someplace along the chain of "sudo proper - get upgrade ; sudo proper - get upgrade" over the previous year, my DropBox instantly quit working. Rather, I see Ubuntu One things on the food selections in Nautilus as opposed to DropBox.

So, I did "proper - get - - cleanup remove nautilus - dropbox", and afterwards mosted likely to DropBox.com to download and install the deborah documents and also re-install it once more.

Yet no dice. I get the DropBox symbol in my "systray", and also clicking it opens up ~/ Dropbox folder, yet it does not sync with DropBox and also rightclicking Nautilus does disappoint me food selection things for Dropbox. Rather, I see things for Ubuntu One sharing.

I such as Ubuntu One actually just for the songs investing in due to the fact that I am presuming that it aids Canonical.com pay Ubuntu is light costs. Yet I'm not curious about anything else with Ubuntu One besides that - - not curious about Ubuntu One offsite documents storage space. I actually simply desire my Dropbox sync with Nautilus to start functioning once more.

Just how do I repair this back to make sure that Dropbox synchronizes with Nautilus once more?

2019-05-19 00:08:57
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Answers: 2

I'm not exactly sure specifically what you are seeing, below ; we do not do anything that would certainly hinder Dropbox at all.

2019-05-30 19:04:14

You require to release a dropbox start or perhaps a dropbox start -i, it appears as though your daemon is not running.

It will instantly do every little thing for you, and also nautilus expansion will certainly be made it possible for as soon as the daemon begins.

2019-05-21 11:09:15