iPhone applications assume they are under old iTunes username after it has actually transformed

Ever given that apple has actually determined to make iTunes account accessibility your e-mail address as opposed to a username I have actually seen the applications that were acquired under the old username do not identify this and also there does not appear to be a straightforward means to repair this. As an example when an application has an upgrade it asks me to enter my old username/pw combination, nonetheless if I make a new acquisition and afterwards it has an upgrade the new email/pw details is presented. This even more of an aggravation than anything, yet a few days ago I was attempting to make and also in - application acquisition and also the new email/pw dialog presented for an application I acquired with the username/pw and also the purchase would certainly not experience claiming I required to acquire the application first. Exists a very easy means to repair this?

2019-05-19 00:12:28
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Have you attempted getting rid of the application from iTunes and also as well as the iphone tool and afterwards downloading them once more? iTunes needs to see that you had actually currently acquired it and also simply downloads it.

In this manner I transformed some applications when I obtained the iphone tool from my partner, which were acquired with her account.

2019-12-01 19:24:14

Was your old username connected to your existing e-mail address?

Intending both aren't connected, there isn't a very easy means around this, although you could attempt speaking to Apple assistance to see if they can move those acquisitions to your account. I've had good luck doing this prior to when a cd I acquired was link to the incorrect account.

All the best.

2019-05-21 11:01:05