Exists a keyboard-centric desktop/WM readily available?

I recognize of the awesome window manager, which after some modification might match my needs, yet I was asking yourself if there is a keyboard-centric desktop environment that does not call for way too much tweaking to make it actually valuable. Certainly gnome and also I'm certain KDE have wonderful faster ways, and also the capacity to set them up just how you desire, yet that comes to be a trouble due to the fact that in a great deal of instances the keyboard finishes out contravening integrated program actions.

Any kind of pointers?

2019-05-04 06:03:46
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Use Meta or Ctrl-Alt modifiers for desktop computer faster ways.

The majority of programs make use of Ctrl or Alt modifiers for their faster ways (or make use of the function keys without modifiers).

The majority of programs do not make use of Ctrl-Alt faster ways and also virtually never ever make use of Meta faster ways, so you need to be secure making use of these without problem.

2019-05-08 01:27:18

You could intend to look into the keyboard shortcut community wiki on below for additional information on default keyboard faster ways :)

2019-05-08 01:11:37

Apart from outstanding, various other selections are DWM & WMii. I do not recognize much concerning WMii yet DWM is exceptionally straightforward and also glossy and also has all modification had in the resource code itself. Nonetheless, this suggests it needs you to recompile it everytime you transform a faster way. This is what offers dwm its power and also efficiency.

My selection would certainly be outstanding - it can be conveniently mounted from main ubuntu databases.

sudo apt-get install awesome awesome-extras

HOWTO: Setup AwesomeWM - Ignore the construct from src guidelines if u usage over install command

2019-05-08 01:08:18

There are plenty! (Nonetheless, all the ones that I recognize of are additionally tiling window managers. )

  • XMonad is most likely the one with the biggest customer. area. It has considerable documents and also functions well with. GNOME/EWMH expansions (albeit you need to trigger them in the. arrangement documents ). The arrangement documents has Haskell syntax, yet. it's absolutely feasible to modify it without recognizing much concerning. Haskell, by simply duplicating+ pasting instances from the documents. Default keybindings are vim-inspired, though they can all be. remapped (consisting of making use of chained keybindings like Emacs' C-a C-b C-c ). It's readily available in Ubuntu as plan xmonad.

  • Bluetile is a spawn of XMonad : it. sustains a streamlined arrangement documents, and also incorporates well with. the GNOME desktop computer by default. However, it's not readily available in. Ubuntu 10.04, so you need to install from resource.

  • DWM is the "motivating papa" of XMonad. and also Awesome. It's really lean and also quickly, and also readily available as plan. dwm in Ubuntu 10.04. Nonetheless, deliberately, to transform the. arrangement you need to modify a header documents in the resources and also. recompile; most documents concerning the readily available alternatives is just. readily available as newsletter blog posts. It does not sustain GNOME/EWMH by. default, you will certainly need to spot it; the Echinus fork of DWM. began in this manner. The majority of dwm users will certainly discredit a "desktop computer. setting" so it's possibly not the appropriate selection if you like GNOME. tricks. Default key bindings are vim-like; they can be remapped,. yet there's no alternative for chained key-combos.

  • Awesome started as a fork of DWM.

  • Ion is a tiling window supervisor totally. programmable in Lua : additionally the "arrangement documents" is a Lua manuscript,. so you can map any kind of key to any kind of activity (given you recognize sufficient Lua. for the job ). No assistance for GNOME or EWMH expansions, regarding I. recognize. Readily available in Ubuntu 10.04 as plan ion3.

  • wmii is the precursor of DWM (very same. writer ). It can be totally regulated by the keyboard, yet has actually a. smaller sized option of formats, and also the arrangement layout is. based upon a "digital filesystem", that makes really intricate points. feasible yet (IMHO ) additionally straightforward points instead made complex. Readily available in Ubuntu 10.04 as plan wmii.

  • larswm can set up a key binding for. all the procedures it sustains. Documents can be found in the kind of. a male web page, clear and also full. The customer area is currently really. tiny, and also the newsletter made use of to be quiet for months. No. assistance for EWMH/desktop expansions. Readily available as plan larswm.

  • ratpoison, as the name claims,. pressures you not to make use of the computer mouse. Every activity is completed by. a key stroke. Default keybindings are motivated by GNU screen and also. Emacs; they can be rebound, based on the restraint that there is. constantly an international "prefix key" to launch the activity. StumpWM is a revise of. ratpoison alike Lisp, which includes the wonderful alternative to hack the. WM while you're running it. No assistance for EWMH/desktop expansions. (deliberately, I would certainly claim ). Both are readily available in Ubuntu 10.04 (plans. ratpoison and also stumpwm ).

2019-05-07 22:23:50

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