Android Eris CELB Rom suitable with ROM Manager?

I've obtained a Droid Eris that I've filled the CELB Froyo 2.2 Rom, which is based off Cyanogen Mod 6. I recognize prior to that ROM Manager was primarily pointless with the Eris yet I was asking yourself if it functions currently.

2019-05-04 06:20:47
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Depends on the Rom programmers. However no person yet a person with an Eris or a person that creates for Rom Manager can address this inquiry. Simply download it and also see what you get.

The means Rom Manager functions is the programmers need to speak to the Rom Manager group with the ideal details that can after that be included in the application. So Rom Manager group can just do so much to get Roms in it. Plus there are a great deal of side discussions concerning just how well clockwork recuperation in fact functions when cleaning, yet I have actually never ever had a trouble with this. And also the concern of some Roms do not play well with Clockwork recuperation either.

On the Evo Cyanogen is great concerning maintaining the ROM approximately day in Rom Manager. Which behaves given that it is upgraded every night. I claim attempt it once more.

Bear in mind that spending for it will certainly offer you accessibility to all the Roms, so if you have not spent for it you could not see some Roms that you would certainly or else see.

2019-05-07 20:30:47