What are the areas of the Warp Zones in Super Mario Bros. 2?

In which degrees are the Warp Zones situated in Super Mario Bros. 2 (not The Lost Levels) and also just how do you reach them?

2019-05-03 18:33:47
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Warp to World 4 -. Most likely to globe 1 - 3 and also locate a remedy. Currently locate the flower holder alongside the block structure right to the appropriate side of the degree. Go down the remedy and also enter into Sub - Space and afterwards warp right into the flower holder (depend on top of it and also weigh down) You will certainly warp to World 4!

Warp to World 5 -. Most likely to globe 3 - 1 and also experience the door to the huge falls with all the clouds. Currently leap down and also come down on the system in the facility and also enter. Take the remedy and also drop it near the flower holder. Enter Sub - room and also warp via the flower holder (weigh down on the flower holder) You will certainly warp to World 5!

Warp to World 6 -. Most likely to globe 4 - 2 and also get the remedy. Currently locate the flower holder and also placed the below - room door alongside it (drop it from atop the flower holder) Now enter below - room and also warp. You currently deformed to World 6

Warp to World 7 -. Most likely to globe 5 - 3 and also get the remedy (see to it you can squat - dive to the flower holder, you require to get a person with an excellent leaping capacity or make use of an adversary to offer you an increase.). Place the below room door near the flower holder and also enter sub room and also warp right into the flower holder. You are currently in globe 7!


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