HTC Evo's Facebook Sync Reboots Phone

After a week's well worth of troubleshooting, I have actually uncovered that making it possible for any kind of type of account synchronization for "Facebook for HTC Sense" will certainly create the phone to arbitrarily soft-reboot. I think this takes place if either "Sync live feed" or "Sync contacts" is signed in "Accounts & sync".

I would love to have my facebook feed readily available to the facebook widget and also I such as having my contacts' images instantly upgraded when they transform their account image. Nonetheless, the arbitrary reboots are exceptionally aggravating and also it additionally creates a ludicrous quantity of battery drainpipe. One last signs and symptom is that the supply messaging application will continually scroll you to the base of a discussion when you try to scroll up. Exists any kind of means I can get the most effective of both globes?

I am running 1.47.651.1 (Android 2.1). Will updating to 2.2 solution this concern? I have not updated yet due to the fact that presently their isn't a means to root 2.2 and also I'm still undecided concerning that.

2019-05-04 06:35:49
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Good job on not updating to 2.2 yet for objectives of rooting!

When it comes to your details concern, you state it takes place when trying to sync with facebook and afterwards state the reboots are arbitrary. Are they arbitrary or a source of a details activity? My hunch is they would certainly be extra arbitrary given that regarding I recognize couple of individuals have troubles with FB. Although there was a concern on HTC web servers that created FB sync to quit working some time back. I do not assume that concern created any kind of phones to reboot though.

Where did you acquire your phone and also did you get it all new or previously owned or refurb? With arbitrary reboots I would certainly assume you can take it right into Sprint and also have them consider it if you round it new, given that the chance you created the reboot concern is slim.

Have you considered the XDA Forums for aid? There are a great deal of Evo customers there and also they might have the ability to aid, also if you aren't rooted.

Additionally I would certainly advise rooting, examine the XDA discussion forums. I do not assume a solitary personalized ROM has any kind of concerns with FB syncing. Not that rooting will always repair your concerns.

2019-05-07 20:40:07