Remove a damaged documents in a Linux system

Just how to remove a documents that is damaged?

In Linux (Fedora based), when I type: ls -l I get

drwxr-xr-x.  2 dmiller3 dmiller3     4096 Jul 26 13:57 SomeFile
??????????   ? ? ?                   4096 Jul 26 13:57 CorruptedFile  

I can not do anything with this CorruptedFile. I can not utilize it in delete or anything. It's the only documents in the whole system that resembles this. What creates this, and also just how can I remove it?

Submit system is ext2.

2019-05-04 06:50:50
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you can have been contacting a documents throughout a tough reset, or your disk drive can have troubles. a fsck needs to repair it (you will certainly need to umount the fs to do this). I would certainly examine dmesg and also smartctl -a /dev/hdx (last becomes part of smartmontools) to see if your HD is reporting any kind of mistakes. I would certainly additionally run a non-destructive badblocks on the dividing.

You need to additionally ask on your own why you are running ext2, due to the fact that journaling often tends to aid with these sort of troubles.

2019-05-08 01:52:33