Just how do I conserve the video game in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask?

I'm playing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and also I'm in the center of something. Just how do I conserve the video game without shedding my progression?

2019-05-04 06:54:50
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You can play the song of time, yet it will certainly additionally take you back to the first day and also shed all ammunition and also rupees. Do not neglect to validate the "actually conserve and also return to the first day" inquiry prior to turning off! The only various other conserving opportunity is an owl statuary to which you still need to stroll.

Certainly, if you make use of an emulator, it could sustain free conserving, as an example using F5 for PJ64.

2019-05-08 01:43:59

You can just conserve "at will certainly" once you've obtained the sword or ocarina.

If you have the sword you can lower at an owl statuary to fast conserve.

If you have the ocarina, play the "Song of Time" which will certainly send you back to the first day. This will certainly do a complete save, yet does shed all your loan and also ammunition.

Nonetheless doing this will certainly cause ruin some side pursuits, like :

  • offering red remedy to the witch

  • murder snow holy place employer once more for springtime. etc

2019-05-07 21:39:14