Just how to reroute result of a running program to/ dev/null

I recognize that in order to subdue the result of a program I can reroute it to /dev/null, as an example to hide all mistake and also advising messages from chromium I can start the program similar to this

chromium-browser 2> /dev/null &

Nonetheless, if I take place to forget the mistake messages and also type

chromium-browser &

(which is fairly aggravating when they show up in the center of a command) I do not recognize what to do with the exception of quiting the application and also beginning it once more effectively.

Can I in some way reroute mistake result without reactivating the application?

2019-05-04 07:08:52
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This was addressed below : here by vladr. The solution is (pricing estimate ) :

  • affix to the procedure concerned making use of gdb, and also run :
  • p dup2 (open ("/ dev/null", 0 ), 1 ) (for stdout redirection )
  • p dup2 (open ("/ dev/null", 0 ), 2 ) (for stderr redirection )
  • detach
  • give up

I attempted it on the adhering to manuscript :

[version after first comment : ]

sleep 10 # so I can have the time to attach to the process
if [ "$sonorfather" == "father" ] # avoid infinite recursion 
   sonorfather=son ./test & 

while true 
   echo "stdout $sonorfather" 
   echo "stderr $sonorfather" >&2 
   sleep 1 

I disabled the stderr result prior to the boy procedure was developed, below is the result :

stdout father 
stdout son 
stdout father 
stdout son 
[and so on...]. 

I wish this solution your inquiry : the boy procedure stderr was rerouted also.

2019-05-08 00:32:51

You can additionally release the internet browser with nohup and afterwards close the incurable window with the adhering to :

nohup chromium-browser &

In this manner, the internet browser will certainly release and also detach from the console, that can after that be shut silently.

2019-05-08 00:22:04

You can additionally arrangement a pen name for chromium-browser to rather run chromium-browser 2> /dev/null

e.g. if you are making use of celebration, modify/ home/username/. bashrc and also add line :

chromium-browser='chromium-browser 2> /dev/null'

or even better

chrome='chromium-browser 2> /dev/null'

and also conserve some keystrokes.

2019-05-07 21:03:21