What are the results of DRM on Assassin's Creed 2?

I was believing to acquire Asssassin's Creed 2 for PC, yet I listened to some negative voices concerning the DRM consisted of in the video game.

In the house I have an ADSL link yet however is not actually trusted. It usually takes place that drops also for a hr or even more.

Generally throughout this moment a play solitary gamer video games yet, in Assassin's Creed 2, what take place if:

  1. my internet link is down. Can I release the video game and also can I conserve the progression?
  2. my internet link drops while I am playing. Can I remain to play and also conserve the progression?
2019-05-04 07:13:52
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Answers: 3
  1. You can not play the video game.
  2. You can shed your progression.

Among the needs of the video game is constant net link (which is complete bonkers, if you ask me ).

2019-05-08 00:28:44

I have numerous various other UbiSoft video games that utilize this similar DRM, yet not Assassin's Creed 2. Below's what takes place in those various other video games when I shed net connection.

  1. The video game inexplicably ices up without mistake message.
  2. After numerous minutes (I would certainly presume concerning 1 - 2 mins ) a message ultimately shows up on the screen informing me that "UbiSoft's web servers have actually come to be inaccessible".
  3. After an additional couple of secs, if you still can not speak to UbiSoft's web servers, the video game drops you to your Windows desktop computer and also all unsaved progression to that factor is shed.

To be clear, it does not need to be YOUR net link that falls short. It can additionally be a trouble on UbiSoft's end, or throughout between. The video game just respects having the ability to speak to UbiSoft's web servers, it does not care whose mistake it is.

To be reasonable, I've played A LOT of the most up to date Settlers video game and also just been rejected possibly 5 times. Nonetheless, just like with the very early days of Steam, the first couple of days of in fact possessing Settlers 7 I could not play it in all, due to the fact that UbiSoft's DRM web servers were under hefty load and also would not confirm my video game.

I would certainly not advise acquiring a video game with this type of DRM, and also had I recognized the video games I acquired had this DRM, I would certainly not have actually acquired them. I will certainly never ever acquire a video game with this sort of DRM once more.

2019-05-07 23:57:23

Assassin's creed DRM (along with inhabitants 7's, and also possibly every one of Ubisoft's future video games ) function doing some estimations in the web server, in the hope of providing splits pointless.

This makes it clearly difficult to play without a net link (despite the fact that it does not also function, so prohibited proprietors of the video game can play it far better than paying consumers , as making use of an emulator they can play offline ).

2019-05-07 23:53:34