Just how can I import contacts right into iPhone from Palm Centro?

I'm intending on acquiring an iPhone 4, and also I need to know one of the most straight method of duplicating my contacts from my Palm Centro to my iPhone. Added factors for remedies that work with Linux.

2019-05-04 07:20:53
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Take an appearance at Funambol. I've utilized it to sync my contacts from my old Sony Ericsson right into my iPhone ... Never attempted with a Palm Centro however, yet it'll possibly function.

You require first to install the application in your old phone, sync with the web server, install the application in the iPhone and also sync back.

It's additionally a wonderful means to backup your contacts.

2019-05-11 18:09:39

Have an appearance right into SyncML, it was the only means i procured my contacts out of my years old Nokia.

I'm not exactly sure what the iPhone makes use of as a call supervisor on Linux (Would MobileMe be an excellent workaround? ), once you've obtained them out, it's a whole lot less complicated to import them right into something else.

Google Sync is additionally worth an appearance and also would certainly prevent your desktop computer completely.

2019-05-07 23:06:43