Chinese IME: Microsoft or Google?

I am finding out a little Chinese and also there are 2 alternatives for getting in Chinese text making use of IME: the Chinese IME that ships with Windows and also Google IME (a current participant).

Which do you advise and also why?

2019-05-03 18:39:48
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Are both IMEs various executions of the very same maps? If so it does not make a distinction regardless.

If they are various maps completely, make use of the one that is extra generally and also globally sustained. You could wind up on a public equipment without admin accessibility that sustains just the extra usual map eventually.

For keying Hindi, as an instance, there is an INSCRIPT keymap and also various other maps. Nonetheless INSCRIPT is the one sustained evenly throughout windows, linux and also mac which is what I make use of. It is additionally readily available as a bookmarklet by Google so I can make use of that also - the bottom line being - usage the appropriate map, as opposed to the appropriate supplier. The supplier isn't as vital as the standard map.

2019-12-04 07:37:32