Change Outlook "Mark As Read" Behavior

Can a person define to me, detailed, what I would certainly require to do in order to transform the default Outlook "Mark as Read" actions?

Default Behavior: Outlook notes a message as read when It has actually shown up in the watching pane and also I relocate to an additional message.

Preferred Behavior: Outlook notes a message as read as quickly as it shows up in the watching pane.

2022-07-04 20:41:10
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For Outlook 2007:

  1. Go to Tools|Alternatives and also click the Other tab
  2. Click the Reading Pane switch under Outlook Panes
  3. Put a check the Mark things as read when watched in the Reading Pane and also set a period in secs prior to it starts

It coincides for Outlook 2003, other than that symphonious 2 the area on the Other tab is called "Reading Pane" as opposed to "Outlook Panes".

2022-07-04 21:59:18