iPhone quantity - ringer vs. quantity?

When I'm readjusting the quantity on my iPhone, I've seen that occasionally it claims "ringer" as I readjust it, and also occasionally it claims "quantity"; additionally, occasionally it claims "quantity (earphones) ". What establishes when the quantity switches are readjusting the quantity vs. the ringer, and also what is the distinction in between both activities?

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2019-05-03 18:41:48
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Your ringer quantity readjusts the quantity of the audio appearing of the phone when it's calling. If the phone is not playing media (i.e. no audio is appearing of it ) after that the quantity switches on the side readjust the ringer quantity.

If you are playing media (songs, video clip, etc ) out the inner audio speakers, after that the switches on the side readjust the quantity of that media appearing those audio speakers.

Ultimately, when you have actually earphones connected in, the iPhone recognizes this and also has a different quantity for earphones. Making use of the quantity switches will certainly readjust the earphones quantity when earphones are connected in.

The reason that these are different is due to the fact that occasionally you intend to silence your ringer, yet still intend to pay attention to media (or the other way around ), and also due to the fact that the earphone and also inner audio speaker quantities are various and also require to be readjusted independently.

2019-05-07 20:37:54