Can I utilize my iPhone 2G with Bell Canada?

Far back, I acquired an iPhone 2G in the United States prior to Rogers involved Canada to give iPhone solution. Prior to I obtained my 3GS, I had actually opened it and also was utilizing it with my Rogers SIM without trouble.

Lately my better half took a passion in the mobile phone and also we took it to the Bell Store to have them attempt to get the tool collaborating with her account.

The sales individual at the stand attempted a "Demo SIM", and also when they did that the tool read "Invalid SIM".

Exists any kind of factor to think that we can get an older iPhone 2G collaborating with Bell Canada? Possibly the salesman simply have some older SIM card probably that does not collaborate with the 2G? Or is this a recognized constraint?

2019-05-04 07:57:56
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Answers: 2

You need to jailbreak, after that unlock. Here's a tutorial.

Hope this aids!

2019-05-07 22:08:15

It is not suitable.

Bell's new network (shown to Telus ) is a 3G HSPA overlay (in addition to their existing CDMA network ) which the iPhone 2G does not support.

2019-05-07 22:07:44