Ubuntu, just how to arrangement a new equipment like an existing one

I have one equipment arrangement with the applications I require, and also I would certainly such as to install the very same on a new Ubuntu box.

Exists a manuscript that will detail all the mounted applications, to make sure that I can diff in between packages therefore add the missing out on things?

Many thanks beforehand,. Chris

2019-05-03 18:43:48
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Why aren't you simply clonning the equipment making use of dd?

2019-12-03 02:49:43

If you are not a CLI follower (although you actually need to be), you can make use of the Synaptic plan supervisor to conserve the photo of the mounted plans, and also make use of that documents (once more via Synaptic) to load the new equipment. Under the file/save markings alternative, there is a checkbox called "save complete state".

2019-12-03 00:27:14

Ubuntu Forums has a good answer

  1. On the old equipment: $ dpkg - - get - options > mounted - software program
    • This obtains your checklist of mounted applications
  2. On the new equipment: $ dpkg - - set - options
    • This establishes the new equipment to install the plans not presently mounted on the new equipment.
    • It could be intriguing to see if the new equipment has some plans not mounted on the old equipment, so you can locate the dpkg - - get - options > command on the new equipment, and afterwards make use of diff to contrast the result documents from both.
  3. Ultimately, on the new equipment: $ dselect and also the plans will certainly be mounted.

Some added web links from the discussion forums conversation:

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2019-05-31 00:39:20

Aswell as the dpkg methods stated by pjz, you might additionally intend to consider etckeeper (tutorial) - an application that places your/ etc/ * under variation control, making it less complicated to locate any kind of adjustments you've done and also reproduce them to various other web servers.

Additionally, for a much shorter checklist than that generated by pjz's method, you can make use of

$ deborphan -a --no-show-section > /tmp/mypackagelist

This will certainly offer you a checklist of plans that will certainly install all the various other plans you call for as dependences. Can be valuable if you in fact intend to browse the checklist. (dpkg - - get - options will certainly generate a loooong checklist). On top of that the checklist is brief sufficient that you can add newlines and also comment out access with '#'. After that when mounting the added plans you can do

$ grep -v '#' /tmp/mypackagelist | xargs apt-get install -y

This means, if there are some plans you just intend to install on some equipments, you do not need to delete them from the plan checklist completely.

2019-05-08 16:14:24
dpkg --get-selections >/tmp/mypackagelist

need to suffice. After that, after seeing to it that your/ etc/apt/sources. checklist on the new equipment has the very same set of access as on the old, duplicate mypackagelist over to the new equipment and also do :

cat mypackagelist | xargs apt-get -y install 

and also you need to be excellent to go.

Keep in mind that the dpkg-- get-selections line is additionally excellent details to take into your/ etc/dir ocassionally - it suggests you do not need to trouble to support/ container/ and also/ usr/bin/ and also such due to the fact that you recognize what plans get on the system.

2019-05-07 17:13:41

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