Just how can I disable multitasking in iOS4?

I updated my iPhone 3GS to iOS4 and also although I enjoy a lot of the new feaures, multitasking maintains me looking for open applications.

Exists a means to disable multitasking assistance in iOS4 or a "eliminate all applications" app/switch?

2019-05-04 08:05:57
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There is a close all switch if you install sbsettings, it's called Remove Background. It's a switch which shuts all the applications and also gets rid of the "Recently Used" dock.

2019-05-10 15:08:56

I think it's an alternative when you jailbreak making use of redsn0w. It's an alternative. Here's a tutorial.

2019-05-07 23:05:13

You might be stressing greater than you require to be. Applications can just make use of multitasking for sure features :

  • Playing audio
  • Tracking your area
  • VOIP
  • Local alerts and also signals
  • Complete an extensive procedure

In all instances, as opposed to the application continuing to be running, the system maintains it put on hold and also awakens it at ideal times, such as when it requires to bring even more sound. If the application makes use of way too much CPU while it remains in the history, it obtains ended. If the foreground application requires even more memory, after that the history applications will certainly get ended as essential.

The applications in the multitasking food selection aren't always eating any kind of sources or battery life, it's even more like a "most lately made use of" checklist. Applications will certainly still be detailed there whether they are in fact running. You can aid confirm this to on your own by transforming the phone on and off; the current checklist will certainly still be inhabited despite the fact that clearly all the applications are ended.

2019-05-07 22:56:55

One means to regulate multitasking on iOS4 is to jailbreak your tool, install Backgrounder , and also install Remove Recents .

  • Making use of Backgrounder you can protect against applications from multitasking till you permit them.
  • Making Use Of Remove Recents will certainly remove all the "lately made use of" applications to make sure that just the applications that are in fact multitasking are revealed.

Entirely disabling multitasking is additionally feasible . Below's just how to disable Multitasking, Homescreen Wallpaper, or both on a 3GS. A jailbroken tool is called for.

Modify the documents N88AP.plist in the directory site /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app on your iPhone. Seek the adhering to key-value sets and also set them to false as revealed. Restart when full.



I figured this out by reviewing this write-up concerning making it possible for Homescreen Wallpaper on a 3G, although I did the contrary.

Note :
You will certainly require a means to modify plist documents. Either make use of an unique plist editor, or make use of a device to transform to XML. To do the conversion on your phone, install Ericia Utilities (from Cydia ) and also release the adhering to commands to transform the documents to XML and also back.

plutil -convert xml1 N88AP.plist
plutil -convert binary1 N88AP.plist
2019-05-07 22:56:15

There is no close all alternative regarding I'm mindful, yet you can close them individually :

" Double-tap the residence switch to raise the multitasking bar, which turns up from all-time low of the residence screen. After that, you merely scroll via the symbols, locate the one you desire to close, press and also hold the symbol, and afterwards click the red circle with a dashboard-- Apple's graph of a delete icon." - Via PCWorld.com

2019-05-07 22:54:43