dpkg and also google-chrome do not quadrate gnome

Install penalty. Functions penalty. Next day the logo design and also applications food selection access is gone. Does not appear to matter what I do. On installment, GDebi rejected to install the plan, and also collapsed rather, so I made use of dpkg -i.

When it comes to the logo design and also applications food selection access, I intend I'll simply need to adhesive it in position. Sorry Firefox.

I install the most up to date variation with dpkg, I utilize it for some time, it enters into the Internet tab penalty. After that I shut down, and also the next time I start up it's missing out on. The program runs penalty from an incurable as google-chrome

So, my inquiry is, where are the information of this things saved? Is it a solitary message documents in/ usr? Is it a number of things that's tough to modify by hand? And also where is the logo design most likely to stay?

I recognize there's possibly a GUI means to do this, yet it will certainly be extra enjoyable, and also perhaps much less error-prone, if I merely bypass whatever's creating Ubuntu/GNOME to shed the symbol and also applications food selection access.

2019-05-04 08:14:58
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Maybe you can attempt :

  1. Uninstall google-chrome entirely : sudo apt-get purge google-chrome

  2. Check within your $HOME that there's absolutely nothing left (arrangement remains in ~/.config/google-chrome)

  3. Also examine that the application faster way that is gone making use of find ~ -iname "*chrome*" (it's a. Desktop documents)

  4. Then cross your fingers and also re-install?

As I'm running chromium-browser and also not google-chrome the names over could be various, yet that should not be a trouble.

2019-05-08 01:10:01

I've listened to the very same issues from numerous individuals that attempted to make use of current development builds of Google Chrome. You possibly need to make use of an extra secure variation of it (or make use of the Chromium internet browser given in the Ubuntu databases, which is the open resource variation of Google Chrome ). Or or else you can wait till Google solutions this bug ...

2019-05-07 22:51:24