Am I missing out on something by utilizing obsolete information wire and also wall surface battery charger?

My better half has iPhone 3G and also I lately acquired iPhone 4 for myself. Given that we can conveniently take care of charging for both of our phones from simply one wall surface battery charger, I in fact never ever unpackaged mine and also information wire is still loaded too.

Yet couple of days ago I saw that my phone rejecting to sync with also older information wire (from 3rd gen iPod nano) although iPhone 3G does sync with it.

To make sure that obtained me assuming, do I missing out on something by not making use of upgraded devices? Faster charging time or information sync possibly? Any kind of ideas?

2019-05-04 08:18:58
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I'm making use of the very same wires throughout all my Apple tools (I have numerous around, and also can not actually inform them apart anymore). One little care pertaining to the electrical outlet , though : there was one version that delivered with either the initial iPhone or the 3G which was remembered due to the fact that it was vulnerable to overheating.

If you have not face a trouble with your own now, it's possibly not a concern. Simply intended to supply the heads - up.

2019-05-10 14:56:23

I have a total amount of 5 charging wires (and also my companion has an additional 4 ) varying from the 3G days previously. I still utilize my initial 3G wire (the one where you needed to push switches on the side to release it ) to connect my iPhone 4 right into my iMac, and also absolutely nothing has actually failed until now : )

2019-05-07 23:39:29