Mail: Smart Mailbox Filters

Just how can I get the clever mail box to filter e-mail appropriately? I have the adhering to set:

Has messages that suit ANY:

Topic Contains standards one

Whole Message Contains standards 2

Whole Message Contains standards 3

The outcome is no messages located. If I remove the 3rd standards I get messages. What I assumed the ANY would certainly take each standards and also OR them. Rather it seems AND ing them.

Any kind of ideas on just how to implement standards in an OR?

2019-05-04 08:19:58
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Answers: 1

You've obtained your regulation set up appropriately - if it's an ANY set of predicates it's as if there is an OR in between them. It might be slow-moving (and also why absolutely nothing is turning up) due to the fact that an Entire Message Contains needs to look every email you have.

What takes place if you have just standards 3 and also not standards 2 - there might be a concern with standards 3 that is creating the search to fall short. (Check Console)

You can kludge a clever mail box with AND and also OR regulations by utilizing various other Smart Mailboxes and also the "Message Is In Mailbx" or "Message Is Not In Mailbox" predicate.

2019-05-08 01:08:06