Developing a new documents obstructs Textmate

When I intend to create a new documents via the switch (left-bottom one) in the task cabinet or in the documents food selection it takes a long period of time and also obstructs TextMate and also also obstructs TextMate entirely in many cases.

I've mounted the most up to date variation of TextMate and also mounted all updates readily available for Mac OS X.

Anyone any kind of suggestion what the trouble is?

2019-05-04 08:24:59
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Do you have any kind of exterior drives attached? Particular exterior disk drives will certainly enter into some type of inactive setting when they have not been made use of in a while, and also will certainly obstruct points till they rotate back up. This is caused by anything calling for filesystem accessibility, whether you're attempting to accessibility those drives or otherwise.

If this is your concern, it'll be really recurring, and also brought on by various other efforts to access the documents system (Open File and also Save File dialogs prevailing). In addition, it will not be restricted to simply Textmate, yet your use patterns might suggest it primarily turns up there.

The remedy, in this instance, would certainly be to disconnect the exterior drives when not being used.

Certainly, this isn't to claim this/ is/ your concern, yet it would certainly essentially repair your signs and symptoms.

2019-05-09 06:27:54

I simply examined it with a number of various substantial tasks on my MBP and also it developed a new documents today.

First hunch would certainly be probably a package or various other plugin you've included is hindering the program procedure in some way. You can additionally attempt trashing your Textmate choices documents and also reactivate the program to see if that aids (~/ Library/Preferences/com. macromates.textmate.plist).

2019-05-08 01:53:09