When is it ideal to make use of Microsoft's Enterprise Library (EntLib)?

I'm not specifically certain when to make use of Enterprise Library, and also when not to ... which is making me not discover it in all. I really feel that I have sufficient of a factor to start finding out after that probably eventually I'll make use of it.

Exist times when I should make use of EntLib?

When should not I utilize it?

2019-05-04 08:27:59
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There is a great deal of excellent things in EntLib, yet there are factors those points are not in the complete structure. The logging things is superb, yet the information components have actually been gone beyond by later enhancements to complete structure in my point of view. I have actually additionally located that several of the blocks do not fit quite possibly in particular scenarios.

As stated the expenses is substantial in many cases too and also the config can be fairly complex.

A lot of my applications have some level of efficiency restraints, so I often tend to make use of the EntLib things as an instance and also write my very own attributes regularly than making use of the EntLib points.

Utilized in this manner it has actually been a superb understanding device.

2019-05-10 10:23:02

I've made use of EntLib for years (given that they were indiviual App Blocks). I've located that sometimes it can be rather hefty regarding the dimension of the parts, specifically if you just require one block and also it requires to be downloaded and install. Usually I'll make use of the Data and also Logging parts with each other which seems like adequate capability to warrant the dimension. If your application is purely on the server side after that this actually isn't way too much of a concern. Among things that behaves concerning it is that if you require greater than one block you do not need to go to numerous executions from numerous suppliers that are set up in various means. They additionally give a device to aid with the configuration (that's an and also and also a minus, a plus that they make it very easy, a minus that they NEED a device to aid configure it).

I've had the satisfaction of being invinted to a number of Patterns and also Practices workshops where I was functioning side by side with the employee that created EntLib. The intent in developing EntLib was to implement Microsoft's Best Practices alike parts that every person requires that are not component of the base Framework. They are really secure, give great efficiency and also great adaptability.

I would certainly start by utilizing several of the less complicated blocks, like Data and also Logging. They're not also tough to set up and also get going with. After that as soon as you recognize those it will certainly be a little bit less complicated to go on to several of the various other blocks. I have actually not located a scenario where you should not utilize them, apart from when you do not require them.

2019-05-08 15:57:38