What are one of the most over-saturated iPhone App category/markets?

I'm taking into consideration finding out iPhone growth and also Objective C yet do not intend to stay clear of creating something for the most saturated markets and also application groups.

What groups should I stay clear of? Exist way too many dating applications, or should I simply adhere to thinking of an imaginative video game or 2?

2019-05-04 08:46:01
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If you need to know what gets on the App Store, consider the App Store .

I do not assume you are mosting likely to generate great if you start by asking on your own, "What needs to I not do?"

Come up with a couple of suggestions for applications, after that look the App Store for them. If you locate a loads applications currently there, you can stay clear of that group. (Unless you assume you can do something better than what is currently there.) After that you can make your strategies based upon the search engine result.

2019-12-03 00:51:12

The iphone market has means to several applications as a whole. Attempt to make an iPad application. There are much less iPad applications out than iPhone/iPod touch.

Conversely, attempt to make something for a certain (neighborhood ) organisation. In this way you are assured to earn money (by the organisation ) and also you get an application around that is one-of-a-kind.

Gamings are constantly excellent, gave that the gameplay brings in individuals. Like the audio speakers at the WWDC 2010 claimed, see play testers as they do their point. It aids a whole lot with your video game growth.

2019-05-07 23:51:30