For ASP.NET Programmers: Does the executable 'dcpromo' have any kind of value?

Dcpromo.exe is renowned amongst MCSEs for being they just means to create a Windows Domain Controller (to put it simply an Active Directory Domain) ... which subsequently is usually made use of by the ASP.NET Membership system.

I'm attempting to establish if I need to place web content on "" tailored for programmers or even more in the direction of sysadmins.

To me, a sensible expansion of this "domain name controller on the net" is to make use of WIF for the ASP.NET Membership system. We would certainly after that have an internet site that will certainly offer the programmer's passions in the SSO, SAML, customer managment and also identification locations most of us have problem with.

So my inquiry is:

Q: Do designers see a link in between the energy dcpromo.exe and also ASP.NET Membership? If so does it make good sense to have an objective of aid programmers in the locations of subscription and also cloud computing?

2019-05-04 08:50:01
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Answers: 2

I'm an rookie, having actually been collaborating with it for just concerning 3 months, though I've had fun with subscription a little. That claimed, I've never ever come across dcpromo. Simply my 2 cents.

2019-05-07 23:18:55

I've been a Microsoft programmer for 11 years, primarily as an internet programmer. Been coding given that 1.1 and also I've used.NET subscription in most of my applications, and also I've never ever come across dcpromo.

2019-05-07 22:12:49