Is creating on NTFS partition from mac os taken into consideration secure currently?

I intend to utilize my exterior USB hdd formatted as NTFS on my Mac and also desire complete read/write previledge there. I recognize there are 3rd party vehicle drivers to complete this (like MacFUSE) yet I need to know just how secure do you believe to make use of such devices?

2019-05-04 08:52:01
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MacFuse runs quite possibly below and also I never ever had any kind of troubles bring about information loss - actually I never ever had any kind of troubles to start with.

There is one concern though : When a NTFS quantity is not easily unmounted, NTFS-3g rejects to place the disk in RW setting (it can be compelled to do so though) and also there are no devices readily available to clear that not-cleanly-unmounted flag from MacOS, which suggests that primarily, you still require a Windows installment around.

2019-05-08 03:34:15