making use of cross-compiled Valgrind

I have actually downloaded and install the resources from the Valgrind trunk and also constructed it for making use of on an embedded Linux system (Montavista Linux) powered by an ARM926 (ARMv5t style). Every little thing worked out till I attempted to run it to examine some application I've made; Valgrind informs me:

" valgrind: fell short to start device 'memcheck' for system 'arm-linux': No such documents or directory site".

Attempting to run any kind of various other device offers the very same message. For make install I made use of the-- prefix alternative indicating the embedded system's filesystem which is placed via NFS (e.g.-- prefix=/ home/NFS _ mounted/opt/valgrind). I examined the installment area and also the lib directory site there has the correct devices; I additionally examined the equivalent pkgconfig apply for Valgrind and also it appears to be ALRIGHT so I'm sort of unaware now and also can not identify what's failing. 2 inquiries:

  1. Is it proper to use/install a cross-compiled Valgrind like that? Possibly I'm doing glitch pertaining to the arrangement, or possibly there is something entailing the host system that I'm missing out on (gdb/gdbserver like).
  2. Has any person attempted running it on ARM styles? I'm mindful that the assistance is rather current so I'm asking yourself if I can get suitable outcomes.
2019-05-04 09:00:02
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The trouble is that 'valgrind' is seeking a various executable to run the actual monitoring. It makes use of the install course you defined when you configured it, which is not the very same course as on the target.

You need to have the ability to validate this by developing a symlink/ home/NFS _ placed on your target that indicate '/'.

2019-05-08 02:23:28