Do RAID controllers generally have SATA drive brand name compatibility concerns?

We've had problem with the RAID controller in our data source web server, a Lenovo ThinkServer RD120. It is a rebranded Adaptec that Lenovo/ IBM refers to as the ServeRAID 8k.

We have actually covered this ServeRAID 8k approximately the really most recent and also best:

  • RAID biographies variation
  • RAID backplane biographies variation
  • Windows Server 2008 vehicle driver

This RAID controller has actually had numerous essential BIOS updates also in the brief 4 month time we've possessed it, and also the change history is simply. well, terrifying.

We've attempted both write-back and also write-through approaches on the sensible RAID drives. We still get recurring I/O mistakes under hefty disk task. They are not usual, yet significant when they take place, as they create SQL Server 2008 I/O timeouts and also occasionally failing of SQL link swimming pools.

We went to completion of our rope repairing this trouble. Except hardcore things like changing the whole web server, or changing the RAID hardware, we were obtaining hopeless.

When I first obtained the web server, I had a trouble where drive bay # 6 had not been identified. Switching over out disk drive to a various brand name, oddly, repaired this-- and also upgrading the RAID BIOS (for the first of sometimes) repaired it completely, so I had the ability to make use of the initial "inappropriate" drive in bay 6. On a suspicion, I started to think that the Western Digital SATA hard drives I picked were in some way inappropriate with the ServeRAID 8k controller.

Acquiring 6 new disk drives was just one of the less costly alternatives on the table, so I went with 6 Hitachi (aka IBM, aka Lenovo) hard drives under the concept that an IBM/Lenovo RAID controller is more probable to collaborate with the drives it's commonly marketed with.

Resembles that suspicion repaid-- we've been via 3 of our heaviest load days (mon, tue, joined) without a solitary I/O mistake of any kind of kind. Before this we consistently contended the very least one I/O "occasion" in this period. It sure resembles switching over brand names of disk drive has actually repaired our recurring RAID I/O troubles!

While I recognize that IBM/Lenovo possibly examines their RAID controller specifically with their very own brand name of disk drives, I'm disrupted that a RAID controller would certainly have such refined I/O troubles with certain brand names of disk drives.

So my inquiry is, is this type of SATA drive conflict usual with RAID controllers? Exist some brand names of drives that function far better than others, or are "confirmed" versus certain RAID controller? I had actually type of thought that all asset SATA disk drives were alike and also would certainly function moderately well in any kind of offered RAID controller (of enough top quality).

2019-05-04 09:20:04
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You have a SAS controller, that could be the trouble. While SAS method can be made use of to passage ATA regulates the signaling at physical degree is a bit various (SAS makes use of greater voltage and also bigger differential). Mostly all controllers have the ability to talk straight to SATA drives, yet if there is a (large? bad?) backplane between the signal could be interfered with. Generally in the venture globe affixing SATA vehicle drivers straight to a SAS controller is not formally sustained, you need to make use of an interposer (a tiny reasoning board that attaches straight to the disk that on one side recognizes the complete SAS method, on the various other talks ATA - this way the backplane lugs the greater SAS signaling).

Rather relevant : blending SAS and also SATA drives on the very same backplane often tends to fall short, due to the fact that the signaling of all drives (consisting of SAS) is decreased to SATA degree.

2019-05-17 12:16:46

I would not desire for making use of SATA disks for a web server - none have actually the anticipated obligation cycle of a web server top quality drive and also they do not have the abundant command set that SCSI/SAS has for checking drive performance and also wellness. Lenovo web servers are economical and also wonderful if you have great deals of web servers with none actually that vital yet there is a factor that HP is 300 - collection web servers make up 40% of the marketplace - they function. Specifically their 'SmartArray' disk controllers are unrivaled in integrity and also performance and also their pre - failing warranty is a welcome enhancement. Not the most inexpensive yet just how much is your time worth? I've been acquiring their (well Compaq first tbh) web servers for twenty years currently and also have no concern whatsoever acquiring the 500 - 800 new ones a year that I do. Seriously examine them out.

2019-05-17 07:19:03

Yes , I have actually experienced this with reduced - end cards and also buggy vehicle drivers. Nonetheless, no , out an up - to - day Adaptec rebranded card. Wow is all I can claim. One point to take into consideration, possibly it is extra a bug with the drive than the RAID controller.

I do not have an excellent solution, yet given that you appear to have worn down a lot of your alternatives apart from changing the card, (and also changing the drives sufficed) below's a couple of suggestions you can take into consideration for your repairing :

  • The WD drives were RE (RAID Edition) drives, right? The moment minimal mistake recuperation is necessary, so if you do not have that and also the drive is trying to recoup the field, you are going to get a looooong time out from that drive. If the RAID controller is holding your horses and also not going down the drive you'll have a large trouble on your hands.

  • Examine the SMART information on the drives you got rid of and also see if there is anything intriguing.

An additional comment concerning the relevance of time minimal mistake recuperation (TLER) attribute, from NAS/ RAID supplier assistance :

As I state in the past, we constantly recommend consumers to make use of venture degree drives if they make use of the drives in RAID setups. Venture degree drives have extra regular reacting time to make sure that the RAID will certainly be more secure.

2019-05-08 17:31:46

Even for non - RAID, simple - old desktop computer disk drives, acquiring drives from the supplier (at the anticipated ludicrous markup) can usually make a distinction. As an example, Apple takes care to just deliver drives that are in fact with the ability of honoring Mac OS X's , which goes a lengthy means in the direction of seeing to it points like Time Machine backups function accurately.

Once more, this appears vanilla desktop computer usage without RAID entailed. Anything extra intricate than that and also you most definitely intend to acquire, otherwise the supplier's very own over - valued drives, after that at the very least drive versions that you recognize without a doubt get on the supplier's "accepted" checklist.

So, to address your inquiry, is it usual? I would certainly claim, yes, extra usual than you could assume, also past the venture world.

2019-05-08 14:22:31

I do not assume it's usual in itself. Nonetheless, as quickly as you start making use of venture storage space controllers, whether that be SAN's or standalone RAID controllers, you'll usually intend to comply with their compatibility checklist instead very closely.

You might have the ability to conserve some dollars on the price tag by acquiring an economical series of disks, yet that's possibly among the last locations I would certainly intend to conserve loan on - offered the relevance of information in the majority of circumstances.

To put it simply, specific conflict is really unusual, yet specific compatibility adherence is recommendable.

2019-05-08 03:30:37

The solution as constantly is "it depends".

For sure venture storage space (claim EMC), the supplier will especially certify drives and also also most likely to the level of filling personalized firmware.

As Mark claims, I locate it to be the most effective when you adhere to a supplier's accepted checklist if there is one. The first price financial savings is surpassed by the time invested attempting to pursue gremlins.

2019-05-08 01:37:38