Just how does Gmail determine to string e-mail messages?

Occasionally I'll see incorrect positives (consists of an e-mail that isn't component of the string) and also incorrect downsides (misses out on an e-mail that needs to have become part of the string). Just how does Gmail determine which messages should and also should not become part of a string?

2019-05-04 09:30:05
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The list below problems have to be fulfilled:

  1. The subject have to be comparable (as an example test and also re: test will certainly function ; yet test and also test 123 will not).
  2. The sender has to belong of the string OR the in - reply - to header have to be made use of.

The in - reply - to header can be made use of using Gmail is user interface by merely responding to the string. This is what makes it possible for sent messages to be a component of the very same string despite the fact that the sender is various

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2019-05-17 13:07:55

The brief solution : the subject line .

Google mentions :

a discussion will certainly break short right into a new string if the subject line of the discussion is transformed, or if the discussion gets to over 100 messages.

More info from Google

2019-05-08 00:38:37