Just how to take care of hefty shield in Eschalon Book II?

I'm attempting to play as a heavy-armor making use of personality in Eschalon publication II. My trouble is that despite the fact that I spend greatly in toughness, putting on all that hefty shield actually leaves me really little bit to save in my encumbrance value, so I can not lug a great deal of prize.

Any kind of pointers on constructing such a personality?

MODIFY: along with spending factors right into toughness I make use of 2 +3 str rings, +2 str amulet, +2 str belt and so on, and also I still locate it tough to maintain - I seem like I'm doing glitch.

2019-05-04 09:32:05
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Well I've played some even more given that I've asked this inquiry, and also I assume I can manage hefty shield a little bit much better currently. My verdicts :

First , also for a pure warrior with hefty toughness financial investment, you can not simply select the most effective shield around. Rather, I examine the shield - to - weight proportion of numerous shield items, and also pick suitably. So if I have 2 readily available upgrades for my boots, one considering 3 extra pounds extra and also gives 1 even more shield, and also the 2nd considering 9 extra pounds extra extra pounds and also giving 2 even more shield, I would certainly select the first one.

It's real that if you consider a details shield port after that it feels like you're missing on beneficial shield factors, yet total - if you maintain updating to things with the most effective shield - to - consider proportion, you will progressively boost your shield while not overburdening on your own.

Second , the troll's toughness result, which can be gotten by casting the troll's toughness spell or from remedies, is really valuable for momentarily raising your lugging ability by a wonderful margin. If you can keep it over a long period of time, excellent ; or else, it's feasible to manipulate the reality that result period is not lowered by rapid - traveling. Simply hoard all the prize in one upper body, and also when you're all set to leave take it all back, cast troll's toughness and afterwards rapid - traveling to the local city to market.

2019-05-08 13:07:41