Can not get to DNS via cordless router

I've obtained a Ubuntu 10.04 laptop computer, and also lately it's had some weird networking troubles. It's on the residence cordless router, provided by the communications provider, and also has no worry talking with anything on the cordless LAN, whether by IP number or/ etc/hosts name. It's readied to make use of the cordless link with DHCP, and also there actually isn't much I can mess up afterwards for network access.

Now, I can get to outside the LAN by IP number, yet that does not succeed for internet searching. When I do a nslookup, I'm obtaining non-authoritative solutions, so I believe I'm striking a cache someplace (possibly the router). Any kind of effort to get outside the LAN with a domain falls short silently, like a "can not locate" making use of Firefox.

The only points that could have transformed given that it did function right are 10.04 updates (and also there's been plenty of of them) and also a number of lines included in/ etc/hosts, to resolve set IPs on the LAN (in the 192.168.0. * array). The lines remain in the very same layout as others, and also it's absolutely nothing I have not done prior to without unwell results.

Any kind of suggestions on what to attempt next?

2019-05-04 09:43:06
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On Ubuntu 10.04, you can set up the networking so it obtains just your equipment's IP using DHCP, yet allows you set every little thing else statically. In System > Network Connections, enter into your cordless card's arrangement and also select "Automatic (DHCP ) addresses just" from the Method drop-down. Listed below, you will certainly after that have the ability to offer fixed DNS web server addresses.

This attribute prevails on great deals of OSes, though there is no arrangement on what to call the attribute or where to place it. The Arch Linux details in the comment listed below is one opportunity. OS X and also Windows can do it, also.

If your system absolutely has no such attribute, you can can momentarily overwrite /etc/resolv.conf to experiment with a various set of DNS web servers. Such adjustments will certainly linger till the next DHCP lease revival.

No matter, the means to debug a trouble similar to this is to attempt making use of a public DNS solution as opposed to your communications provider's. I such as to make use of Google's public DNS web servers, given that their addresses are very easy to bear in mind :

Another preferred public DNS solution is OpenDNS, whose web servers are :

If that functions, you can simply maintain making use of these web servers, given that they likely have benefits over the common DNS solutions given by your ISP. Or, you can after that begin with a placement of having the ability to condemn the communications provider's DNS somehow and also strike the trouble from that instructions.

If this adjustment does not aid, you've pardoned the communications provider's DNS web servers, so you recognize the trouble is inside your house.

2019-05-07 22:31:34