Just how can I relocate an iTunes collection from one computer system to an additional?

I'm obtaining a new laptop computer and also I intend to relocate my iTunes collection from the old to the new computer system. Just how can I do this? Certainly I intend to maintain as much details as feasible: metadata such as rankings and also play matters, cover art, my acquired web content from Apple.

I additionally possess an iPhone which I made use of to sync with the old computer system and also currently I intend to sync with the new one, maintaining my applications, calls, acquired web content, and so on

. What would certainly be the most effective means to do this? Is simply relocating the entire "iTunes" folder from one computer system to the various other an alternative?

2019-05-04 09:54:07
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If they both have Firewire you can merely make use of the Migration Utility.

2019-05-08 02:51:11

Yes, relocating the entire iTunes folder will certainly function great, as long as the songs remains in the very same area or a subfolder (that's the default). You can also relocate from Mac to PC and also the other way around. Nonetheless, I would certainly recommend duplicating first ; simply in instance anything fails. :-)

If the iTunes Media folder and also the Library documents remain in various areas, it can get extra difficult. It's still feasible, yet if this holds true and also you have the disk room, it's most convenient to "Consolidate" the collection right into the folder which contains the iTunes Library documents prior to you make the action.

2019-05-08 02:50:03

Yes, merely dealing your totally iTunes folder to a various other computer system will certainly suffice. This thinks every one of your media is settled within the iTunes Media and also iTunes Music folders. iTunes will certainly aid in duplicating songs to the folder and also arranging a collection if you would love to make certain all the media is mobile when it comes time to move.

Do not neglect to reauthorize the old computer system if you are not mosting likely to utilize it consistently in instance it collapses and also among your 5 ports is occupied. You can reset points after a shed computer system, yet it is rather time limited to stop misuse of that attribute.

2019-05-07 23:53:41
  1. If you are a Windows customer and also do not intend to experience every one of this hacking, you can acquire iTunes Transfer software at my companion website. It will certainly aid you support your collection-- with playlists-- and also move it to your various other computer system.

  2. If you're attempting to move songs from your iPod to your computer system, however, Apple will not allow you do this openly, yet you can acquire iPod to Computer software for PC (free test download ), or iPod to Computer software for Mac at my companion website that will certainly permit you to do this.

  3. If you simply have the disk drive of your old COMPUTER, Ben has shared with us just how to make the transfer

  4. If you aren't crazy about tinkering XML documents-- and also play matter isn't vital to you - Oden has a simple process, entailing clever playlists, for preserving track rankings when you move your iTunes collection.

  5. Collin has a simple way to figure out those replicate tracks that you might wind up with when moving your magazine.

  6. Aaron devised a clever way to move while preserving playlists in your collection.

  7. If you are moving in between Macs, pbaron has a method entailing FireWire mode.

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