What protoss unit can transport others?

I recognize I can create a Warp Gate and also teleport to Pylons, yet I have no suggestion just how to make Warp Prisms or recognize if there's any kind of various other device with the ability of moving.

I would certainly specifically similar to this to constructed remote bases in 1v1

2019-05-03 18:54:49
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In enhancement to what others have actually stated (Warp Prism, buckling straight), the Mothership is additionally with the ability of moving various other devices, in its very own means - using Mass Recall.

2019-05-08 20:05:53

To literally move Protoss you require the Warp Prism constructed in a Robotics facility. The Robotics center call for a Cybernetics core to be constructed, which call for a Gateway (which call for a Nexus) to be constructed.

Nonetheless Protoss have a far better means to "move" new device to the fight area : A Gateway can be changed right into a Warp Gate (The study to be able to do that remains in the Cybernetics core). A Warp Gate has the ability to create a new device throughout the psionic matrix.

Psionic matrix is heaven location around pylons. An usual method is to create a "proxy" pylon near the cutting edge of the combat zone, as if the pylon is near enought to be able to move device quickly near the adversary yet much adequate to not be detected by adversary pressures.

In Addition the Warp Prism (stated earlier) has the ability to enter into stage setting so he can work as a pylon (and also have is very own pysionic matrix) yet is incapable to relocate while he remains in this setting.

2019-05-08 09:15:51

For the Protoss, just the Warp Prism has the ability to move various other devices.

2019-05-07 20:08:41