Just how can I make Dwarf Fortress less complicated?

What configuration alternatives can I transform to make Dwarf Fortress less complicated to play?

2019-05-04 10:09:08
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You can attempt editing and enhancing the video game is raw animal resources straight. Look the video game is directory site for a documents (possibly called creature_standard.txt) which contains the adhering to line:


Add the adhering to tags after that line:


This will certainly make your dwarves unsusceptible to the majority of standing problems. Currently locate these lines:




Add 1 or 2 absolutely nos to the last varieties of each line. This will certainly make your dwarves big and also not likely to be eliminated by anything.

Delete the creature_standard.raw (not .txt) documents, run DF and also create a new globe. Enjoy!

2019-05-22 21:28:18

I located among the most convenient means to streamline the video game without hacking or getting rid of several resources of Fun is to lower the populace cap. I located that as soon as my citadel expanded to 100 dwarves or past, I could not identify just how to take care of every one of them and also maintain them functioning effective work. So rather they all simply kicked back tossing events and also annoying my effective dwarves. Till you get sufficient experience to take care of a citadel that dimension, attempt decreasing the cap to 40 or 50 dwarves.

To do this in v0.31.08, modify data/init/d _ init.txt and also transform the value of this line :


Keep in mind : your real populace might still exceed the cap you set, you simply stop obtaining new immigrant waves after you get to or go beyond that cap. And also evidently births do not regard caps. Additionally I assume (yet I have not examined) that you can transform this mid-game if you conserve and also give up first.

2019-05-08 02:14:57

I actually assume you should not. I recognize that appears sort of unusual yet every one of the pleasure you will certainly every get out of that video game stems from the reality that its Hard. That's tough with a resources 'H.' Man hard. After playing Dwarf Fortress for a year and also a fifty percent currently Hard is a 4 letter word to me.

Currently, as high as I do not assume you need to transform the video game to make it less complicated (and also there are websites that will certainly aid you hack it). I will certainly give you with some sources ; an user's manual, in a manner of speaking.

The Utter Newby Tutorial. Offers you a lot of the standard controls and also format for your citadel.

Cpt. Duck's Video Tutorial. I essentially found out DF by seeing these video clips and also replicating them flawlessly. It took me near 10 citadels to reach completion of his first citadel. Well worth it.

DF wiki. Pupils have books, Priest's have the scriptures, you have the Dwarf Fortress Wiki. Devote it to memory. Probably one of the most vital write-up located below is this set : Fun.

Ultimately, there is the tale of Boatmurdered. It is what is called a heritage citadel, where a various individual played yearly. Its unbelievably enjoyable, despite the fact that components of it read like a "what not to do."

2019-05-08 00:57:23