Exists something as a WordPress 'control panel'- like MediaWiki GUI front-end/interface?

I've lately considered mounting a wiki engine, in order to give - similar to the majority of wikis - a user-editable database of details. I've considered 3 details engines:

My customers' choice often tends in the direction of MediaWiki (probably as a result of knowledge and also some form of brand name recognition), which is great with me. The disadvantage of this wiki engine is that its administrative/configuration alternatives appear to be ... dated. A coworker defined it as php and also pray, which appears a reasonable analysis.

So I'm left asking yourself: exists a plug-in, or an additional source, that permits a straightforward dashboard-style configuration editor (à la WordPress, as an example)?

2019-05-04 10:14:09
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You could intend to consider Extension:Configuration. May note that the MediaWiki programmers in fact desire the arrangement to be a php documents to be extra adaptable.

2019-05-08 00:58:35