Unload a COM control when operating in VB6 IDE

Component of my day-to-day job is keeping and also expanding heritage VB6 applications. An usual engine is created in C/C++ and also VB6 makes use of these features in order to boost efficiency.

When it involves asynchronous shows, a C user interface is not nearly enough and also we rely upon COM controls to fire occasions to VB6.

My trouble is that when I register the control in VB6, VB lots this control in memory and also does not unload it till I gave up the VB6 IDE. As the control is filled during, I am incapable to recompile it in VC6, due to the fact that the DLL documents is secured.

A remedy I located is not to enable the control in VB yet make use of the CreateObject() with the complete name of my control. The trouble after that is that I have to proclaim my control as an Object due to the fact that VB6 recognizes absolutely nothing of the user interface I am making use of and also I do not have accessibility to IntelliSense, which is a discomfort.

Any kind of suggestion just how I can inform VB6 to unload controls after giving up the application or straight in the IDE?

2019-05-03 17:44:40
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