Why are the X11 colours various from Wikipedia's?

In this Wikipedia article it gives a bunch of X11 colours yet they are various from the ones on my FreeBSD system. As an example I have no "aqua" or "fuchsia" yet, e.g. aquamarine1, and so on and also several various other phoned number colours. Why is that?

2019-05-04 10:21:10
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The write-up clarifies it rather well

These graphes are not a typical set of shades to be located on any kind of X Window system. Instead it is the standard " X11 shades" approved by internet browsers adhering to the HTML and also CSS criteria. This set is lowered and also rationalized, and also has a couple of distinctions from a. regular rgb.txt ...


2019-05-07 23:23:06

I utilize this web page as shade reference when seeking an X11 shade :


2019-05-07 23:01:18