Can you max out your degree in World of Xeen without disloyalty?

Put simply, exists adequate gold natively in the video game to permit your personalities to educate to the maximum degree (IIRC, 200)? Also counting financial institution passion amassing, I was never ever able to do it.

I have actually maxed out the degrees in the past, yet it constantly entailed hex-editing the gold in my event. (I never ever hex-edited experience, though; I simply have a desire for eliminating the Mega Dragon.)

2019-05-04 10:26:10
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I actually do not assume so, at a particular factor the gold backer merely comes to be expensive. I can not remember nonetheless if adversaries respawn in WoX (as they carried out in For Blood and also Honor) if they did after that the solution changes to 'practically' yes. Yet I 'd rarely consider it practical.

2019-05-12 01:35:47