Just how to backup an Android tool?

Can any person advise an excellent way to backup Android tools?
Preferably I would love to do this wirelessly and also, not just backup my information, yet additionally my customer setups. Is it feasible to backup a photo of an Android tool - to make sure that one does not also require to re-install applications?
It would certainly be specifically valuable to learn through customers that have actually recovered back-ups, regarding just how very easy, and also full, their procedures were. Many thanks

2019-05-03 18:59:49
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An excellent way to support application information if you are not rooted is to made use of adb from the Android SDK. As an example, to support the information for Locale, you would certainly do something like the following:

adb pull /data/data/com.twofortyfouram.locale/ C:\backup\locale\

And to restore, simply make use of adb push with the very same debates backwards order, i.e.:

adb push C:\backup\locale\ /data/data/com.twofortyfouram.locale/

You need to have the ability to support applications from /data/app/ similarly.

2019-05-30 08:31:26

There are a variety of applications you can make use of yet several will certainly currently have the ES File Manager

Note : Turn off as several applications as you can. Some applications will certainly not backup while running.

  • Release ES File Manager
    (When you open it you are generally in the documents supervisor setting)
  • Tap the 2nd symbol from the right to switch over to Application setting
  • Long continue any kind of symbol. Select "Select All" from the context food selection
  • Press Menu. Select "Backup"

While the backup is running, you can see its progression by opening up the alert bar

The applications will certainly be replicated right into backup/apps

2019-05-10 12:24:33

Depending on your phone is the intricacy of this job.

HTC Evo (and also sustained phones) you can make use of unrEVOked origin device to get origin accessibility. Install Titanium Backup and also back every little thing (system consisted of) up onto the flash memory card (and also can replicate it to your computer system for added backup).

Or else you require to either get something comparable to unrEVOked to root and also make use of Titanium.

Otherwise feasible, you require to root your phone and also do a NANDROID backup. This supports every little thing on the phone's memory as a photo and also can be recovered at any kind of indicate totally change anything on the phone with what it was, also if you mounted an additional variation of android.

Or Else ... HTC COMPUTER Sync? By that is kinda bad contrasted to the various other devices.

2019-05-09 03:48:35

The need being that you have to be ROOTED, you can get Titanium Backup and also back up your phone making use of that.

The factor for making use of Titanium Backup is to make sure that you can uniquely restore components of your information if you were to install a various variation and/or construct of Android. NANDROID backup benefits having a secure image to draw on yet it isn't helpful for recovering information in addition to a new OS installment (there are negative effects occasionally).

2019-05-09 03:23:50