Just how should I integrate arrangements and also information throughout computer systems?

Visualize I have 3 Ubuntu computer systems home, laptop, beach-house. They all have the very same variation of Ubuntu, 10.04 mounted, and also are maintained to day from the databases.

I make use of f-spot, thunderbird, and also google-chrome on every one of the computer systems. Exists a means to maintain the information and also arrangement in sync throughout them, without calling for constant connection for regular (non-synchronous) use?

As an example, they need to be useful without network connection, so something like NFS will not function.

An excellent remedy would certainly not call for hand-operated activity to start the syncing procedure.

2019-05-04 11:00:36
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Jorge Castro claims "in more recent variations" Chrome will certainly allow you sync background. I have the most up to date ; I do not see it as an alternative. Given that this is an attribute dear to my heart, please allow me recognize where you saw this details.

Or did you suggest "future variations"?

2019-05-13 18:42:23

XMarks can sync your book marks, passwords, and also open tabs in between Firefox and also Chrome (and also a couple of others) on various computer systems.

DropBox for F - Spot.

2019-05-12 08:08:06

Apps like f - place, thunderbird, and also google - chrome all make use of some kind of binary data source to store their information. Attempting to sync points similar to this where there's the opportunity of the very same application accessing/modifying the documents at the very same time can get actually unpleasant.

Rather you intend to seek application - details remedies.

  • With thunderbird, I would certainly claim usage IMAP. If you do not have it, GMail sustains it. You can have thunderbird upload all your email there, or even better, have GMail pull in email from your various other accounts. You additionally obtain rather suitable webmail and also a wonderful spam filter absolutely free.

  • Firefox has (among various other points) Firefox Sync.

  • Chrome has a sync attribute constructed in, documented here.

  • F - Spot is harder. Probably take into consideration something to sync the documents yet not the data source. This would certainly suggest you would certainly require to check for new documents regularly yet just if you required to make use of F - Spot on every computer system.

    You can restrict on your own to making use of F - Spot on one computer system and also simply accessing the documents on the others. Of the 3, the F - Spot data source is one of the most breakable so take care if you do share the data source documents.

2019-05-08 18:34:24

You can make use of a start-up manuscript that synchronizes (with rsync ) the essential documents if the network is up. Therefore you can make use of startup to cause the manuscript and also base it on the network all set occasion.

Conversely, possibly it would certainly be feasible to make use of Ubuntu-one for the synchronization of the documents concerned.

2019-05-07 23:49:29

To integrate data, such as records, make use of UbuntuOne or DropBox. I can actually advise the last. This thinks that you do not mind saving your data in a firm's data facility or cloud. I'm not exactly sure concerning sharing your music collection via the internet. My network link is not quickly adequate to permit this, so I would certainly select hand-operated duplicating or making use of rsync consistently.

For arrangement, there are 2 various instances : applications that make use of normal message documents as arrangements, and also those that make use of a gconf, a data source or something nonstandard. For the previous, you can store the dotfiles (as an example ~/.vim/, ~/.zshrc ) in a subfolder of your Dropbox (or UbuntuOne ) folder, and afterwards symlink the documents back to your $HOME directory. This functions well.

Regarding the applications you state, it appears that none make use of straightforward message documents as arrangement. That suggests, fundamentally, that you can not properly integrate them. The factor is that, if there is a problem, you will not have the ability to settle it. In addition, some components of the arrangement directory, such as cache documents, are bound to be system-specific or otherwise unacceptable for synchronization. In these instances, I claim never mind with synchronization, and also simply duplicate over the config directory as soon as. There's an exemption, nonetheless : applications that natively sustain sharing an arrangement throughout numerous computer systems. Firefox can do this, and also current variations of Google Chrome can store at the very least some components of the arrangement in your Google account (examine your choices ). I'm not exactly sure sharing plugins/extensions is sustained, yet it's an attribute that is being worked with.

2019-05-07 23:43:51

For google chrome making it possible for sync will certainly sync your book marks. In more recent variations it permits you to sync autofill, book marks, expansions, choices, and also motifs.

2019-05-07 23:23:12