iChat occasionally separates

Concerning two times an evening, iChat will certainly disconnect (though it'll still show me as attached). After around 10 mins, it'll understand it's separated and also raise a dialog informing me it shed the link. I can after that close the dialog and also reconnect without problem.

My computer system's network link appears to be great throughout this.

Any kind of suggestion:

  • What might could be creating this?
  • Just how to repair it?
  • At the very least just how to make it inform me extra quickly when it sheds the link?
2019-05-04 11:05:23
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Answers: 1

Your trouble could be your router loosing link momentarily to your ISP.

I make use of Chax, an expansion to iChat which, to name a few wonderful points, auto-reconnects when link is shed. Chax is donationware.

2019-05-07 23:07:26