Can I make use of a relied on CA certificate on numerous websites?

Exist any kind of technical/legal/contractual constraints to making use of a CA certificate on numerous websites that are working on a

solitary equipment?

numerous equipments?

Or are the certifications to be made use of on a per website basis?

2019-05-04 11:13:42
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You can make use of a Unified Communications Certificate. It permit you to add numerous Subject Alternative Names on the certificate. You can install this certificate on numerous web servers for numerous domain. You can have one certificate for:

They were initially presented for usage with Exchange 2007 and also Communication Server, yet can be made use of for various other web servers. Extra details from a ssl cert supplier:

Digicert uc ssl cert page

Entrust uc ssl cert page

There are additionally wildcard certs, yet I recognize much less concerning those, they might benefit your objectives additionally.

2019-05-21 03:44:30

You can have a certificate on numerous equipments. Yet unless the "website name" for all the equipments coincides (eg a collection of internet servers all offering for one website) your customers will certainly get an inequality mistake as the certificate will not suit the web server name they asked for.

You can have a certificate on a solitary equipment with numerous websites (eg digital organizing) yet you will certainly have the very same trouble as above.

If you are offering numerous "websites" from a solitary web server and also desire customers internet internet browsers and so on to be satisfied you will certainly require numerous certifications and also numerous IP addresses appointed to the host. This is due to the fact that it is the link that is licensed and also secured and also this takes place prior to the customer informs you what website it is interested. This is the constraint of the existing SSL method. This constraint is resolved in the most up to date method yet not every little thing sustains that yet.

Update Feb 2017 :

Technology has actually gone on a reasonable little bit given that this inquiry was asked, and also I addressed it. The SSL method has actually been boosted with the enhancement of SNI permitting the internet browser to connect and also ask for the domain name prior to the certificate exchange. So you can currently have greater than one website offered with SSL from a solitary web server with a solitary IP address. SNI is virtually globally sustained by all internet browsers so you can be rather certain that it your websites will certainly come to customers. You can additionally incorporate numerous website names in to a solitary cert either with wildcards eg" *." and also making use of "Certificate Subject Alt Names" which is what stackexchange is doing if you check out the ssl cert on this website.

Stack Exchange Certificate Details

The also far better information is that currently we have letsencrypt most of us reach have our certs absolutely free if you simply desire encryption assistance and also do not require the extensive recognition. And also allows encrypt does sustain the alt names.

2019-05-08 17:17:53

I located a solution on Verisign here that specifies that a solitary cert can not be made use of on numerous web servers without having an unique certificate, which addresses my numerous inquiry.

I'm thinking this suggests there's no concern utilizing it on numerous websites as long as they are all on a solitary equipment.

This could additionally specify to the CA.

2019-05-08 01:16:11