Where are the warp areas?

In which degrees are the Warp Zones situated in Super Mario Bros. and also just how do you reach them?

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Answers: 1
  • Level 1 - 2 : Warp to World 2, 3, or 4
  • Level 4 - 2 : Warp to World 6, 7, or 8
  • Level 4 - 2 : Warp to Word 5 (Yes, there are 2 on this degree)

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Where to locate warp area # 1 concealed in degree 1 - 2

You will certainly locate the first Warp Zone situated at the end of degree 1 - 2. In order to reach it, you will certainly require to ride the previous lift to the top and afterwards leap onto the block ceiling. Run right to your right and also you will certainly locate the Warp Zone. Enter the matching Pipe to miss to globe's. 2, 3 or 4.

Where to locate warp area # 2 concealed in. degree 4 - 2

This degree has 2 Warp Zones,. one to level 5 situated at the end of. the degree, and also this Warp Zone that. takes you to degrees 6, 7 and also 8 situated. in the center of the degree. To locate. this Warp Zone seek a high. 3 - block - lengthy system that is also. high for you to get to, situated throughout. from the first lift system. There are some unseen blocks that. you will certainly require to make show up in order. to get to the much left block, which. has a creeping plant. You require to strike the. unseen blocks from listed below to create. a stairs permitting you to get to the. Creeping plant. To do this, make the first 2. lower blocks on the righter side. show up. They will certainly start to create a. stairs. After that get on them and also damage. both blocks over. If you have not. currently turned on the creeping plant, attempt to do. so currently, and afterwards make the adhering to. unseen blocks show up if you require. them to get to the creeping plant. Climb up the creeping plant. and also you'll get to the Warp Zone that. can take you to globes 6, 7 or 8. relying on which pipeline you enter.

Where to locate warp area # 3 concealed in. degree 4 - 2

To get to the last Warp Zone (note. that you can just take one Warp Zone. given that both get on the very same degree), you. will certainly require to get to the ceiling from an. lift system and afterwards run all the. means throughout it to the right, similar to. you carried out in degree 1 - 2. This Warp Zone. will certainly take you to World 5.

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