Does the Anti-SPAM filtering system in SmarterMail work with the Distribution Lists?

I have a couple of circulation checklists running in "Subscriber Only" setting, suggesting that just someone that is registered for the checklist (or on the Whitelist) can upload to the checklist.

Some spammers have actually uncovered the checklists and also are spoofing reply-to addresses of individuals on the checklist.

I've set up the Anti-spam setups to mark the messages matching "Weight20" in the headers with a This is SPAM message. It tags messages to customers that have an account on the web server simply great, yet it's not flagging the mail mosting likely to the circulation checklists.

Is SmarterMail bypassing List website traffic? If so, exists a means to extract these List-bound messages?

2019-05-04 11:19:22
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