Exists excellent free media server for OS X to stream flicks to an XBox 360?

I have a mac mini running OS X 10.5 that is loaded with flicks and also I am seeking an excellent way to stream them to and also Xbox 360?

Any person have any kind of pointers for a media server (UPnP) for mac?

2019-05-03 19:01:50
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I mounted Macports for the Mac.

As soon as you efficiently do this, install/port ushare, modify the config documents with DIRS you desire to share, Xbox IP and also Port. After that start streaming to your Xbox 360. :D

- - You require to run ushare as a daemon, or else if you close the incurable running it the procedure will certainly stop streaming : (

2019-05-08 10:04:31

I make use of XBMC for both streaming from the network and also streaming to the network, including my X - Box, MacBooks and also Windows PC's. I do nonetheless have actually a committed libraries arrangement making use of TVersity for streaming too.

2019-05-08 09:50:16

I simply located 2 tiny applications for OS X that appear to manage what I am seeking, though they aren't free :

  • Rivet - revealed your iTunes, iPhoto, etc to an XBox360 and also PS3
  • Connect360 - reveals your iTunes, iPhoto, etc to an XBox360.

Until now Rivet is functioning so well out of package that I'm taking into consideration paying the $18 for it.

2019-05-07 16:50:36