Take SUM of tinted cells in a column in Google Spreadsheets?

I have a column of numbers, where I've transformed the history shade of several of the cells to blue. Every one of the various other cells in the column have the normal white history.

Is it feasible to create a formula to build up just the tinted cells in the column?

2019-05-04 11:44:34
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It appears what you actually intend to do is 1) mark particular rows and afterwards 2) sum the significant rows. On any kind of spread sheet, it makes one of the most feeling to create an additional column and also placed a number or personality therein. After that make use of the SUMIF formula to compute the outcome.

Visualize having a 4 row by 2 column spread sheet. You intend to sum the values in column A if there's a Y in column B.

A      | B
40     | Y
20     | 
30     | Y
10     | 

To compute the amount, the formula is as adheres to :

=SUMIF(B1:B4, "Y", A1:A4)
2019-05-08 01:02:42