Can I make use of NetworkManager without a tray/dock/bar?

I would love to make use of NetworkManager, yet favor a key-board driven window supervisor that gives as much room on the screen as feasible for my code. I simply despise that little strip of property "trays" take up on my screen. I have actually attempted running nm-* from the command line, yet they seam to never ever function without a tray.

2019-05-04 11:56:20
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If you're working on Ubuntu Maverick (and also hence have network - supervisor 0.8.1), attempt the nmcli device :

$ nmcli

Usage: nmcli [OPTIONS] OBJECT { COMMAND | help }

  -t[erse]                                   terse output
  -p[retty]                                  pretty output
  -m[ode] tabular|multiline                  output mode
  -f[ields] <field1,field2,...>|all|common   specify fields to output
  -e[scape] yes|no                           escape columns separators in values
  -v[ersion]                                 show program version
  -h[elp]                                    print this help

  nm          NetworkManager status
  con         NetworkManager connections
  dev         devices managed by NetworkManager

As above, it's simply one documents, and also features NM 0.8.1.

2019-05-10 16:29:02

If you're eager to take into consideration various other network monitoring applications besides Network Manager, you can install wicd, which has both an ncurses gaming console user interface along with a normal visual window user interface (not a tray symbol).

Prior to you install it, however, see to it you recognize just how to change to Network Manager (or hand-operated networking), due to the fact that mounting wicd will certainly remove Network Manager and also the other way around.

2019-05-08 17:54:47

You can attempt cnetworkmanager. It is very easy to make use of. Nonetheless, you need to end nm-applet ahead of time. On the various other hand, network-manager-cli has no downloadable documents in the tasks website.

2019-05-08 02:04:32

If the concern is screen property as opposed to keyboard accessibility, you can set up the tray to be a regular window as opposed to a screen hog. This calls for participation from your window supervisor, yet if it's "keyboard driven" it possibly offers you adequate control.

2019-05-08 01:33:59

According to, variation 0.8.1 gives a command line user interface.

You can get it from, please note that I do not utilize it. I have no suggestion concerning it's security.

In instance of troubles you can make use of the ppa-purge energy to return to the main plan.

2019-05-08 01:05:50

From wikipedia ...

NetworkManager has 2 parts :

  • a solution which takes care of links and also records network transforms

  • a visual desktop computer applet which permits the customer to adjust network links. The nmcli applet gives comparable capability on the command line.

Actually, there are numerous devices readily available for changing those unpleasant GUI reliant applets. Both I recognize are cnetworkmanager and also network-manager-cli.

Neither of them are presently packaged in Ubuntu, nore are they perticularly secure. network-manager-cli looks elder, yet neither has actually seen any kind of growth for some time.

network-manager-cli has actually the included benefit of being single-file. Simply plunk it in your bin and also you're off to the races.

According to joao-pinto's solution, NetworkManager 8.01 consists of command line interfacec. Since this minute, 8.01 does not deliver with Ubuntu, so you'll need to order it from Trunk. Certainly, quickly sufficient, this entire distress will certainly be deprecated and also no one will certainly be whining concerning anything.

2019-05-07 23:40:48