IIS Optimization

What sort of optimization (performance or whatever) do you make use of when going cope with IIS (on windows 2003)?

Presently, I make use of 1 application swimming pool per internet site, yet I assume I can do even more :)

2019-05-04 12:19:50
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Even on huge financial institutions, I've hardly ever (can not bear in mind when) done any kind of optimizations on IIS that weren't simply the enhancement of components. I maintain all the defaults.

  • Dynamic and also Static Compression
  • Set Expires days on Static web content, photos, JS, etc
2019-05-09 01:03:35

Why would certainly you take into consideration making use of a solitary application swimming pool per website as an optimization? Dividing internet sites right into various application swimming pools need to just be done if you have a specific demand for it like :

  • Different.NET variations
  • Different identification needs
  • Crashing internet sites
  • Recycle timetables
  • Etc
2019-05-08 03:17:04