Just how does dueling operate in Red Dead Redemption?

I missed out on the guidelines throughout my first battle, yet I really did not actually bother with it given that I simply fired a whole lot at the individual's head, and also he passed away. Several battles went similarly ... I can fire the challenger conveniently. Yet throughout harder battles, that does not function. It feels like you need to have your meter on the appropriate wind up greater than your challengers meter ... yet it's unclear to me specifically just how the meter functions. And also the one little suggestions I bear in mind the video game offering me, to "not attract also promptly, due to the fact that my shots would certainly be imprecise" or something, does not appear to make any kind of feeling, given that I can by hand regulate where the shots go.

What is the key to an effective battle?

2019-05-04 12:23:42
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  1. Don't draw your weapon till the "draw" command.
  2. Place the cross hair on a deadly component of the body (upper body is most convenient).
  3. Wait till the cross hair transforms white and afterwards fire.
  4. Repeat till he passes away.
2019-05-12 14:24:15

As an addendum to Teebery's 4 factors:

5. Every trigger pull raises your battle meter, which requires to be greater than the various other individual's to win.

6. You get even more battle meter off some components of the body than others - - like head or weapon hand. You additionally get extra from a white crosshair than red.

7. Capturing the challenger's weapon hand will certainly usually promptly end the battle. The challenger will certainly live, be deactivated, and also you'll get dramatically even more Fame factors.

2019-05-12 14:18:45

I had problem with dueling also. Probably attempt capturing where your crosshair brighten red. Additionally wait till dead-eye instantly involves and also it informs you to attract. (?)

You can additionally attempt deactivating the individual by firing him in the hand. Some individuals, generally tale relevant, can not be deactivated, thus going for the hand will just get you eliminated rather, which can be irritating.

Superstar reviewed it a little bit below, with any luck this is handy : http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/5991/rockstar_game_tips_dueling_like_a_pro_in_red_dead_redemption.article

2019-05-08 03:18:11